Submissions for our first anthology are open from November 1st- November 30 th 2022.

The theme is DEMENTIA. Poems should be mostly in English, bi-lingual poems or translations with proof of rights are also welcome.

Please send your poems to in an attached word document. You can send 1- 3 poems. Please include social media handles. If your work is selected we will contact you about a bio.

We are hoping to publish the anthology around March, but will keep you up to date. The anthology will be published with KDP publishing, so will be available as print-on-demand copy to buy.


  1. Poems must be previously unpublished and no longer than 40 lines (the shorter the better). Publications on social media, blogs or in magazines are okay, but not books or chapbooks.
  2. We are a tiny, labour-of-love press with an equally tiny budget, so at this point, we sadly can’t pay our contributors. When E.M. sells Twitter and donates the proceeds to us, we will gladly pay everyone, but for now, that is wishful thinking. Every contributor will receive a PDF author copy of the book. We will also have a small amount of copies available to contributors who absolutely can’t afford to buy a copy and will try and keep the costs for copies as low as possible.
  3. To support our running costs, we kindly ask you to give us a tip, if you can afford it. You can find the link here: The suggested tip is 2 Euro. We don’t receive any grants or financial support or membership fees. If you cannot afford to tip us, please submit anyway, that’s perfectly okay. We do not want this to stop people from submitting to us.
  4. You can also support us by buying our EIC`s first book, there are still a few copies available in the UK.
  5. We will not publish or platform anything that is in any way discriminating, homophobic, transphobic, racist or ableist. Sídhe Press aims to be a safe space where your words are honoured and treasured.
  6. We will give you an answer as soon as possible when you submit to us, as we know how agonizing the wait can be.

We are looking forward to reading your poems and are honoured to be trusted with your work. If you have any questions, please contact us, we will do our best to answer them.

Submit! Submit! Submit!

Annick & Mo & Yogi