Submissions are open!

Our theme is:

“ Women in a Violent World”

Submissions are now open for our next anthology. We are looking for poems that come from lived experience.

Submission Guidelines

Submissions are open from November 1 until November 30, midnight CET.

Our editors/ readers for this anthology are Annick Yerem, Mo Schoenfeld, Sue Finch, Sarah Connor, Róisín Ní Neachtain and Giovanna MacKenna.

Please read the submission guidelines carefully. We work hard to put together anthologies that our editorial team and our contributors can be proud of, and these guidelines help us in our work. We will reject work which does not meet these guidelines.

Poems should be formatted in a Word doc in A5, Times New Roman, pt 12.

  • You may submit up to 2 poems. Poems should not exceed a maximum of 35 lines. Please do not include your name in the documents containing your poems. Please use separate docs if you submit two poems.
  • Please title your document with the title of your poem(s).
  • We are always happy to get a friendly greeting in the submission. Take the time to find out about the press and say hi!
  • Please clearly state (in the body of the email only) the name under which you would like to publish the poems. Please also include any social media handles.
  • We don´t take any submission fees, but should you be able to afford it, we would be grateful if you could leave us a tip at  Sídhe Press currently receives no funding.
  • We are working with KDP, the book will be out in print. Poets retain their copyright, please credit Sídhe Press if your work is published elsewhere.
  • We accept poems that you’ve posted on social media.

This submission call is open to all women. To be absolutely clear, this includes trans women.

Sídhe Press will not tolerate any form of racist, misogynistic, homophobic, transphobic or ableist work. Should you choose to submit something like that, we will not only never publish you, we will also inform all the editors we know.