Submissions open May 15-May 31

Our theme is `Glisk & Glimmer- Poems About Light`

Submission guidelines, please read carefully:

Glisk: a Scots word in origin (especially used in Shetland), the archaic (and beautiful) meaning of which is ‘a gleam, a sparkle, a transitory flash (of light)’ or – perhaps even better – ‘to flit with ghostly glimmer.’ (Source: The Dictionary of the Scots Language: A glisk is transitory, a glimpse, a glance, a cursory look. A glisk is that fleeting flash of light when the sun breaks momentarily through clouds, particularly over water. Similarly, it could be a sudden flash of hope in the dark. The poem above by our co-editor Larissa Reid is the title poem. You can also find a beautiful chapbook as an inspiration here:

We are seeking submissions of short, fleeting poems – little glisks on the page. The theme of this anthology is glisk and glimmer in the sense of light, but this can be interpreted widely within the meanings of the word outlined above.

  1. Please submit 1-2 poems, max 25 lines for each poem, Times New Roman pt 12, please format in A5 in a word doc. The title of your poem should be the name of your doc, please don´t put your name in the doc.
  2. Please send your poem/s to, accompanied by your social media handle(s), name and 50-word bio in the body of the email. We want previously unpublished poems, if they were only published on social media, that’s perfectly okay.
  3. Submissions are open from May 15 – May 31 2023, Midnight CEST
  4. We are a small press without funding or grants. If you can afford it, please buy us a Ko-Fi at to support us, we appreciate it very much. If you can´t afford this at all, please submit anyway.
  5. You can also support the press by buying our books here and here:
  6. We are aiming to publish the anthology this November. Every contributor will receive a PDF copy of the book. We cannot pay our contributors at this time and apologize for that. The book will be published with KDP Publishing.
  7. Sídhe Press aspires to be a safe space. This means that we will not tolerate any racist, homophobic, transphobic or ableist work.
  8. Any submission that ignores the guidelines will be automatically rejected.
  9. We will try and let you know as soon as we can if your work has been accepted.
  10. Thank you for reading this seemingly endless list😊 We are looking forward to reading your work!