Mo Schoenfeld

Mo Schoenfeld

Mo Schoenfeld is the co-editor of Our Own Coordinates-Poems About Dementia and of To Light The Trails.

I’m a ‘born-again poet’ living in Oxfordshire, UK. I started participating in writing prompt challenges on Twitter during early summer 2020, then took some courses with @MumWrite, then participated in various other readings, launches and workshops since then, online. 

Since August 2020, I’ve been online published in Irisi Magazine (, The Best Haiku 2021 Anthology and the upcoming The Best Haiku 2022 Anthology (, with the 2022 the haiku winning one of two ‘Judges Special Mention’ prizes, Tiny Wren Lit ( and several times on Pure Haiku’s blog (

I’ve appeared in print in ‘Poetry in 13: Volume 3 (2020)’ and ‘From One Line: Volume 2’ (2021) (as well as a forthcoming From One Line volume). One of my micro-poems appears in the inaugural issue of The Storms in August 2022, published by the creators of the Eat the Storms poetry podcast. 

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