Sarah Connor

Sarah Connor

Sarah Connor was brought up in South Yorkshire and now lives in North Devon. She spent her working life as a Child Psychiatrist. She has two adult children and one husband. 

Sarah was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2008, and in 2012 discovered she had spread to her lungs and bones. She originally started blogging as a way of exploring her feelings about her diagnosis. When she began writing poetry she tried to keep these two worlds separate, but eventually realised that cancer invades everything. 

Writing has enriched her life so much. She has been published in numerous publications, including Spelt magazine; The Storms; anthologies from Black Bough, Experiments in Literature and Sidhe Press. She is a regular writer of prompts at dVerse, and is still hanging about on Twitter. You can follow her there at @sacosw, and find her blogs at and

Sarah`s first book, The Crow Gods, was published with Sídhe Press 2023.

Her second book with Sídhe Press, Always Fire, is out now!

Sarah is also one of the co-editors of To Light The Trails.

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