We are fundraising for vetted Go Fund Me campaigns to get Palestinian families out of Gaza and to safety. We will post regularly on Twitter (not calling it X, ridiculous). So far we have donated 340 Euro from book proceeds (plus 100 from private funds) directly to UNRWA and 40 Euros to this campaign.

This month´s (May) GoFundMe:

Help Dr. Rim Abd, a Gazan doctor, to evacuate safely!

Please read, share and donate. We pledged 40 Euro for this fund.

“Mourn the dead. Fight like hell for the living.”

A word about our fundraiser: due to the ongoing genocide in Gaza, I have decided to keep the fundraiser going as long as it is necessary. At the end of each month, I will pick the winners of the raffle & will do so until all the prizes are gone.

Offering help/ items: if you have items/books/ poems/ something wonderful you want to donate, please contact Annick at State what you would like to donate and which countries you will send said items too (for example, postage included only for UK, EU or US). I will then add you to the list of donors.

The draw will take place under Yogi’s watchful eye at the end of each month.

Raffle prizes:

Sarah Connor, Always Fire, poetry, UK

Jane Cornwell, artist, Pet Portrait, UK

Sídhe Press: Our Own Coordinates, 1 copy, EU, UK, US

Sídhe Press: The Crow Gods, 1 copy, EU, UK, US

Sídhe Press: Glisk and Glimmer, 1 copy, EU, UK, US

Sarah Connor: The Poet Spells Her Name, 1 copy, UK

Allison Kotzig: hand crafted oak gall ink made from oak galls foraged in the Carpathian forests and rainwater. This natural ink is the same type used in medieval manuscripts and documents. Absolutely gorgeous for letter writing, art, drawing and printing. 3 bottles, 3 winners, EU, postage not included.

Larissa Reid: rockIsalt, poetry chapbook & 5 poetry/ art postcard, 1 copy, shipping to all countries

Lynn Valentine, Life´s Stink & Honey, poetry collection, 1 copy, UK

Beth Brooke, Chalk Stories, shipping to all countries

Hoping other presses, poets, artists will follow suit!

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